Note: we don't publish last names because many PTAs are targeted with phishing campaigns by scammers requesting reimbursements. We recommend that other PTAs don't publish officer last names on their websites either.


Claire N.

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Claire joined CCPTA in 2018, which introduced her to the big picture on APS goals, challenges, and spending. Her kids attend Swanson. She is currently serving as a member of the School and County Board Joint Facilities Advisory Commission and the County Board Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission, trying to cross-pollinate good ideas wherever they pop up.  She works as an attorney for a federal financial regulator and enjoys vegetable gardening. 

First Vice President - 

Dima H.

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Dima has been involved with the CCPTA for many years, first as representing her daughters’ schools and later as the VP for Policy. She sees her role as First VP at the CCPTA as a natural extension to her overall involvement in serving APS students and advocating for them. Over the past twelve years that her children have attended APS schools (Arlington Tech, Dorothy Hamm Middle School, Arlington Science Focus, the Virtual Learning Program and the Montessori Program at Jamestown Elementary), she has enjoyed coaching basketball, coordinating and coaching Odyssey of the Mind, teaching Art in the Classroom, coaching Lego Robotics, being an ACTL school representative and a school volunteer among other school activities. Professionally, Dima is an attorney, arbitrator, and mediator.  

Vice President - Policy 

Colleen N.

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Colleen joined the CCPTA board in November 2023. She has two children at Barrett Elementary, and previously served as Barrett PTA President for three years. Colleen was energized by advocating for Barrett students' needs and by effecting change APS-wide. Elsewhere in the community, Colleen teaches religious education at her church. Professionally, she leads health care policy for a U.S. Senator. She enjoys performing in community theater, watching musical theater (from APS kids to Broadway), taking ballet and tennis lessons, watching professional tennis, and eating fancy cheese in her living room. 

Vice President - Member Support

Dan B.

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Peter S.

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Elizabeth F.

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Grant Fund Committee Chair

Jamie M.

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Jamie has three children in APS schools - Tuckahoe, Swanson, and HB Woodlawn. As a military spouse, she has been involved in various PTAs across the country. She has served on the Tuckahoe PTA Board as President since 2021 and as the CCPTA Grant Fund Chair since 2022.   Jamie has also served on ACTL as the Tuckahoe representative and most recently as a part of the Steering Committee for the APS 2024-2034 Strategic Plan.  Professionally, she works with non-profit organizations and small businesses as an administrative strategist.  In her “free” time, she enjoys watching Bravo TV shows, adding to her “To Be Read” pile, and avoiding folding laundry. 

Reflections Coordinator

April M.

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